Episode 007: Knives Out

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A quick but necessary note up front: We recorded this episode on August 15, 2020, prior to the tragic loss of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Mike and I will discuss her illustrious career and the ramifications of replacing her in an upcoming episode.

We’re back!

Our sincere apologies for the impromptu hiatus. Several technical issues converged with work demands to cause the unfortunate delay. We will do our best to keep it from happening again.

This episode we discuss Rian Johnson’s joyous deconstruction of the whodunit: Knives Out. During our conversation we discuss murder, manslaughter, wills, a little bit of intellectual property, and the quotability of different whodunits.

Also mentioned is Roger Clark, who taught Mike and I criminal law (which maybe he wouldn’t want us to publicize). You can hear him discuss the International Criminal Court in his wonderful New Zealand accent in this All too common Law episode from all the way back in 2016.

One additional note: our Twitter account, @NotSoGrandJury, has finally been reactivated! Feel free to tweet at us to your heart’s content.

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